Papabubble NYC
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Turning Heads with Hard Candy: Papabubble New York

Issue 03

One of the earlier design forward, experiential candy shop concepts, Papabubble now has 19 stores around the world across four continents.  Launched in 2004 in Barcelona, Papabubble was created to breathe new life into artisanal handmade candies.  Stepping into one of their stores is like having a front row seat to a performance featuring sugar, glucose and imagination.

Papabubble NYC

INTERVIEW: Fiona Ryan, Co-Owner, Papabubble New York {New York}

01 What type of candy is your specialty?
Hard candy.  Depending on where you are in the world, some call it ‘rock’ candy or ‘lollies’.

02 How do you develop new candy flavours?
We develop our flavours based on inspiration from food, drinks and culture.  For example, we did a spin on the mango chili candies from Mexico, and fruit and herbal blends like grapefruit + basil from a cocktail. We are constantly trying new things and introducing flavours as we see fit.

03 Papabubble is known for its non-traditional interior designs.  What is the New York store like?
The focus was on being a lab while also being a fully functional and easy to clean factory. We had great help from our friends who started the company and we worked a combination of modern and salvaged New York materials into the space like an old library ladder, reclaimed old factory floors, and new subway tiles and actual lab equipment. We had a ton of stuff custom made as well such as tables, cabinets and shelving.

Papabubble NYC

04 How long does it take to make a Papabubble candy from start to finish?
Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

05 What does the name “Papabubble” mean?
The name comes from blowing sugar; (like you can blow glass).

06 How many different types of candies do you have in-store?
Anywhere from 30-40 different varieties.

07 What is the most interesting request you have ever received for candy?
Oh boy! So many including candy encased diamonds, erotic tongues, portraits, claws, head pieces, ‘loving’ animals, shoes, mobiles, and tandem bicycles.

Papabubble NYC

08 How many pieces of candy do you make a day?
We produce anywhere from 4,000 to 40,000 per day if we are making the small candies, but sometimes a single sculpture can take half a day.

09 What is the most popular flavour of Papabubble candy?
It’s hard to say. Some people love liquorice, some like mango + chili, while some just like the fruit mix. Our ‘regulars’ each have their own favorites. There are lots of tastes for diverse palates.

10 Do you have a personal favourite flavour? Soda filled!
Fizzy grapefruit, guava, passion fruit and mango.

Papabubble NYC
Photo Credit: Fiona Ryan

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