Retro Villa Shop Copenhagen
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Retro Villa Shop

Issue 02

In the spirit of discovering Danish design, Countlan Magazine caught up with Mette Helena Rasmussen; a Danish interior stylist, writer, figurative painter and owner of Copenhagen boutique, Retro Villa.  We talked to her about Retro Villa, her love of wallpaper and her inspiration for entertaining.

Retro Villa Shop Copenhagen

INTERVIEW: Helena Rasmussen, Owner, Retro Villa {Copenhagen}

01 Why did you launch Retro Villa?
While studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, I had a part time job as a receptionist for a big company.  I was bored to death welcoming visitors and answering phones, so I read interior magazines behind the desk and dreamed of having a more interesting job; doing the things I love and using my creativity and skills. In 2008 I quit my job and began working with the talented photographer, Tia Borgsmidt.  I found locations and styled while Tia shot the features.  Today we are still a great team, shooting features of inspiring homes for interior magazines.

In 2009, while travelling to England, I stumbled across an old wallpaper shop filled with original vintage wallpaper. I immediately decided to buy all of it, not knowing what to do with it or what it would be used for.  I just loved it and took a wild chance.  I saw potential in this wallpaper and decided to save it from it never being used.  When I returned home, I had a webshop designed and found a small store in the center of Copenhagen.  Today is a busy shop selling wallpaper to people all over the world.

Retro Villa Shop Copenhagen

02 What type of products do you carry at Retro Villa?
Retro Villa is known as a creative place where people come to find inspiration for DIY projects, decorations and vintage wallpaper. We carry many unique and handmade products such as ceramics as well as pillows made from vintage fabrics. Our style is colourful, personal, cozy; we have a huge love for anything vintage and retro.

03 What are some of your favourite Danish home accessory brands?
I am interested in brands and products that tell a story.  I just love Retro Villa’s new brand, Chimalaya.  Chimalaya makes beautiful stoneware cups, plates and bowls in black, blue and natural colours; all are handmade in Nepal.  Chimalaya looks to partner with local craftspeople in Nepal to create products, ensuring that these individuals get a fair rate for their work.

 04 What do people covet at Retro Villa?
Perhaps our most popular item is the rare vintage wallpaper; customers always seem to buy a few extra meters to decorate boxes. Another fan favorite is our big selection of beautiful handles. Our graphic works are also really popular and affordably priced.

Retro Villa Shop Copenhagen

Retro Villa Shop Copenhagen

05 Which of Retro Villa’s products do you like to use at home?  
I love the Newworks Material Pendant lamps in marble which are designed by Noergaard & Kechayas as well as the Chimalaya platesPlace de Bleu pillows, another Danish brand, can also be found in my home.

Retro Villa Shop Copenhagen

06 What are your favourite home accessory items for fall?
We are just starting to carry a new collection of higher end products at Retro Villa, such as Monomade candle holders and jewelry boxes, Place de Bleau pillows, and a selection of Newworks lamps.  We’ve also started to branch out and carry more luxurious and calming colours like gold and brown (something we didn’t carry in the past).

Retro Villa Shop Copenhagen
Photo Source: Retro Villa


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