Poor Man's Kitchen
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Poor Man’s Kitchen

Issue 07

Inspired by the syrups he often purchased to mix artisanal cocktails at work, bartender George Carney started making his own batches of syrups in his apartment in Brooklyn in order to realize a better return in quality and quantity. The first syrup he created was pumpkin spice and has gone on to develop eight other syrup flavours like date, chamomile, Chinese five spice, and cardamom that can be added to cocktails, soda, coffee or tea. “I usually approach the process of creating new flavors by imagining how they would work in a cocktail or how it would pair with a certain spirit” says Carney, owner of Poor Man’s Kitchen.

Poor Man's Kitchen

He personalized the brand by incorporating images, stories and traditions from his family history. “The name ‘Poor Man’ stems from a translation of my mother’s maiden name, Poveromo, and all of the photos on the label are of my family, mainly my grandparents, who grew up in the Bronx. The project pays homage to my past while looking towards the future.”

INTERVIEW: George Carney, Owner, Poor Man’s Kitchen {Hudson Valley}

01 Favourite Flavour?
I love the vanilla almond grenadine. It’s made from 100% pomegranate juice with notes of vanilla and almond and has a bright, tart profile.

02 How many artisanal syrup flavours do you produce?
At the moment I have nine flavours with a couple of new ones in the works for next year.

Poor Man's Kitchen

03 How did you determine which flavour profiles/combinations work best?
Trial and error, experimentation. I usually approach the flavors by imagining how they would work in a cocktail or how it would pair with a certain spirit.

04 What is your favourite way/method to use syrup?
I love to incorporate them into cocktails or flavor coffee with them

Poor Man's Kitchen

05 Why are we seeing a resurfacing in artisanal syrups these days?
It’s a great medium to get creative and produce something that is very accessible to the public.

06 Do you entertain at home?
When I have time, I love to cook for and with friends and enjoy great conversation while sipping on great wine, spirits, beer or cocktails. Recently, I’ve been enjoying craft beers, Italian and Spanish reds and whiskey. During the holidays, I love to make a punch and bring it to dinners/parties. They are always a hit.

Poor Man's Kitchen

07 What is next for Poor Man’s Kitchen?
I would love to develop the brand further to include more all natural offerings than just syrups.

08 Do you ship internationally?
I will ship anywhere there is interest in my product!

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