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Plates By Hand

Issue 07

Clay has always been an integral part of life for ceramist Lisa Neimeth. Although her career began in a different direction, she maintained a connection to pottery by working in private studios, attending annual workshops in New Mexico and immersing herself in folk art and local ceramic works through extensive travel in Central and South America.

Lisa Neimeth

After her children were born, she set up her own studio behind her home, a 19th-century dairy farmhouse in the inner Sunset District where she worked on sculptural pieces. It wasn’t until she ate at a restaurant that served on handmade plates that Lisa was motivated to transition her sculptural work toward something more functional.

Lisa Neimeth

Lisa Neimeth

“I wanted to bridge the concept of a ‘work of art’ with something useable (and dishwasher-friendly),” explains Lisa. “I started creating one-of-a-kind handmade tableware using impressed objects and hand-etched design elements.”

INTERVIEW: Lisa Neimeth, Ceramist {San Francisco}

01 What type of clay do you work with?
Rich, dark, California clay.

02 How would you describe the style of your work?
My style is about combining things in new and unusual ways. It is rustic-contemporary and deliberate in terms of the colours and matte finishes that I use.  An example could be colour combinations, or design elements that are juxtaposed to amuse or encourage further observation. My tableware is meant to fit in a farmhouse country style home as well as in a stark and modern setting.

Lisa Neimeth

03 What’s next?
People crave something special, not machine made and I feel fortunate to be in this area of tableware design in such a ripe time and appreciation for handmade work.  The spring and summer will see new work presented at Anthropologie, Terrain, Sundance and Silver Oak Vineyards in Napa.  I am also working on a couple of new restaurant deals to do their plates, which I always love to do.

Lisa Neimeth

Photo Source: Lisa Neimeth

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