Sarah Cihat
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Rehabilitated Dishware

Issue 07

After four years in Parsons School of Design’s furniture design program, Brooklyn, New York based Sarah Cihat was tired of designing products that used new or raw materials.

Sarah Cihat

For her thesis, she turned her attention to thrift shops and started experimenting with glazes that would allow her to augment and update the façade of discarded, unwanted dishes. “Not everything I find can be rehabbed, but I find all types of ceramic wares that I attempt to make work” says Sarah.

Sarah Cihat

Armed with positive feedback, she set up her studio in Clinton Hill the summer after graduation and got to work expanding her concept. She officially launched Rehabilitated Dishware last fall and sells exclusively at Barneys on Madison Avenue in Manhattan and online.

Sarah Cihat
Photo Credit: Sarah Cihat

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