Quince and Apple Syrups/Preserves
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Quince and Apple

Issue 07

The co-owners of Quince & Apple, Matt and Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld, explain why producing preserves and syrups in Madison, Wisconsin, an area known for its agriculture, cheeses and meats is a good thing.

Quince and Apple Syrups/Preserves

01 What is Quince & Apple about?
Drawing on Matt’s experience making preserves for family and friends and coming from entrepreneurial families, we started Quince & Apple to create a product that can be enjoyed with all the great meats and cheeses in the area and. As for the name, both the quince and the apple have a lot of pectin in them which is the component that keeps together a preserve.  Also, the name is sort of an homage to the quince which is the mother fruit of all preserves (or marmalades, really). The word “marmalade” derives from the Portuguese word for quince, “marmalo.” It felt natural to include the fruit in our preserves business.

02 What is Quince & Apple known for?
Our Figs and Black Tea preserve has received the most recognition. It was one of our first preserves. The flavour is well-balanced and complements many cheeses and meats.

Quince and Apple Syrups/Preserves

03 How did you move from preserves to syrups?
Our cocktail syrups started while working on a recipe for a preserve. Matt was formulating a new recipe that ended up working out better as a simple syrup. The discovery took us into a new direction and we launched our cocktail syrups in May 2012. The recipes come from a lot of experimentation and testing the batches as a team. We work hard to achieve a good balance of ingredients and create a final product with the right dimension of flavors that we would enjoy in a cocktail.

04 How many types of syrups do you produce?
Five: Tart Cherry Grenadine, Rhubarb Hops, Citrus, Lime and Cucumber, and Honey Lemon.

Quince and Apple Syrups/Preserves

05 What is your favourite recipe/way to consume syrup?
We created these syrups to be simple and versatile, there are many ways that you can use them. We love them in a cocktail! One of our favorite recipes is with our Tart Cherry Grenadine in an Old Fashioned with either whiskey, brandy or bourbon. The bold flavors of the cherries complement dark spirits so well and it really shines in this drink. Another one of our favorites is a twist on a Gin and Tonic with our Lime and Cucumber syrup. With a nice, botanical gin and quality tonic, the lime, cucumber and mint really transform the cocktail.

06 In your opinion, why are we seeing a resurfacing in artisanal syrups these days?
I think that people are getting creative in the kitchen and having fun with flavors. The craft cocktail scene is one way to experiment with ingredients to create a masterpiece of flavors for someone to enjoy. Food has always been a way that people socialize and getting hands on by crafting cocktails is a fun way to spend time with each other. The syrups come along with a demand for quality ingredients to add dimension to a cocktail. You can find mixers on the shelves of many grocery stores, but the ingredients might be questionable. In our syrups, the ingredients are always natural and balanced.

Quince and Apple Syrups/Preserves

07 Do you entertain at home?
We always have a charcuterie and cheese board out with our favorite meats and cheeses. There is also a signature cocktail or punch made with our cocktail syrups and favorite spirits.

08 What is next for Quince and Apple?
You can expect us to keep growing! We are always thinking of new recipes for our current products and for future product lines. Currently we are working on a new collection of cocktail boxes. We have so many options available for our preserves but we’d love to put together an assortment of cocktail goods to enjoy with our syrups.

Quince and Apple Syrups/Preserves
Photo Source: Quince and Apple

09 Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship within the United States. However, we recently started collaborating with BRIKA, an online shop of hand-crafted goods based in Canada. Customers from Canada who buy from BRIKA can now receive our products!


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