Wood n Roll Metod Brugar Slovenia
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Rollingpin-less in Slovenia

Issue 07

The best products are often solutions to personal frustrations. Metod Burgar, a Slovenian designer, got the idea for his Wood’n’Roll rolling pin after he resorted to using a wine bottle as a stand-in to roll out dough.

Wood n Roll Metod Brugar Slovenia

The rolling pin, a continuously joined piece with no visible screws or glued parts, is made from locally sourced wood and Kerrock, a composite material similar to marble but non-porous, which is also made in Slovenia. He added pair of colourful rotating handles that connect to the body through a curved surface, to make rolling easier and more ergonomic. His first project with Wood’n’Roll? Potica, a traditional festive Slovenian pastry.

Wood n Roll Metod Brugar Slovenia

Wood n Roll Metod Brugar Slovenia

The Wood’n’Roll joins a growing list of objects produced by young Slovenian designers who are showing an interest in expanding on Slovenia’s history of craft. This re-energized and contemporary approach to woodworking, glass blowing and ceramics has led to an onslaught of products helping to elevate Slovenian design around the world.

Wood n Roll Metod Brugar Slovenia

Objects like the Ondu pinhole camera by Elvis Halilović, the Eclipse wall lamp by Tilen Sepič, the wFoil 18 Albatross hydrofoil two-seater by Wilsonic Design, Leis kitchenware by Gigodesign, the Taste dining table by Luka Pirnat and other products by young Slovenian designers are just a few examples of design emerging from Slovenia at the moment.


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