Wobble Bowl Jessie Phillips Andersen
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Five Questions with a Designer

Issue 07

Five Questions with Designer: Jessie Philips Andersen, Speechless Studios {Oakland}

Wobble Bowl Jessie Phillips Andersen

Designer of: The Wobble Bowl

01 What Is a Wobble Bowl?

It’s a bowl that reflects motion in a toy-like movement, similar to the objects kids play with.

Wobble Bowl Jessie Phillips Andersen

02 Made In?

I’d been making the Wobble Bowls myself, but I was having trouble producing enough to fulfill orders, and production was taking up most of my time, so I wanted to have someone else take it over so I could spend more time designing—specifically someone in the US producing high-quality work. Now the Wobble Bowls are made by a small, craft-focused production studio in Portland, OR, which produces its own work as well as that of other designers.

03 Material?

Wobble bowls are currently slip-cast in porcelain. Most of my other work is cast in a buff stoneware. I try to use materials that are traditional but clean, which is why I usually choose smooth, white clays for ceramics.

Wobble Bowl Jessie Phillips Andersen

04 Do you Entertain at Home?

We host friends for dinners fairly often, as well as parties and holidays—we even hosted our wedding in our home. Our style is very warm and personal, yet clean. It’s a blend of modern Scandinavian design with vintage American.

Wobble Bowl Jessie Phillips Andersen
Photo Source: Jesper Andersen, Switch Thomas

05 What is on Your Table?

My husband is Danish, so on our table, you’ll find my own work next to Georg Jensen serving pieces and Danish potter Birthe Sahl’s bowls. And there’s usually a quirky element, like our Little Joseph doll-head candleholders by Maxim Velcovsky, or, at Christmas, our 25 elf candle holders.

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