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Cut the Cheese

Issue 07

In Maniago, Italy’s center for steel blades, knife and cutlery manufacturers fill orders for clients around the world. The small town, which is located in north eastern Italy, is not only famous for its knives, it is also famous for its fresh, mild Montasio cheese (used in the Friulan cheese crisp called frico).

Lamami cheese knives

The origin of the prized Montasio cheese can be traced back to a 17th century monastery in the mountains in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. It is no wonder that Due Ancore, a Maniago family knife manufacturer that is currently run by fourth generation, Andrea Girolami, designed its Lamami line with over eight sets devoted to cutting, chopping and slicing various cheeses.

Lamami Knife Set
Photo Source: Lamami/Due Ancore

As an expression of Italian lifestyle, each set provides context about the food it is meant to be used with and is packaged in an elegant recycled cardboard book that is perfect for storing knives.

Blade Material: Stainless steel with molybdenum vanadium

Handle Material: Olive wood and Paperstone (a 100% post-consumer paper with petro-free resin)

Family History: Due Ancore dates back to the XIX Century when the Beltrame family started manufacturing farming tools.

Favourite Knife Sets: Honey Cheese and Nuts, Brandy Chocolate and Cigar, Soft Cheeses and Cheese and Wine.

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