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The Drake Hotel General Store

Issue 01

If you happen to live in Toronto or plan to pass through the city in the near future, be sure to pay attention to this post!  In our first issue of Countlan magazine, we wrote about the new hotel gift shop and how hotels around the world are upping the ante with fresh, new, lifestyle stores.

It’s about time this change came to be.  We certainly can do without sad looking sunscreen, dim lighting and tired, unattractive postcards to make room for beautifully designed bowls, fragrant candles, soft wool blankets and art by local designers.

These new and improved hotel gift shops referenced in the “New Design Shop” article are not only a pleasure for hotel guests in search of souvenir, but they can also be a treasure trove for the home entertainer looking to arrange, fill, set and decorate their table with unique items.

We thought a closer look of what’s in store at the Drake Hotel General Store might twist your arm to venture west to Queen Street West in Toronto.

Photos By: Connie Tsang Courtesy of the Drake Hotel

We have also taken the liberty of hand selecting a few of our favourite items that we would love to use on our table, the next time guests come over.  Which are your favourites?  Leave your comments below or find us on Facebook and Twitter @countlan

Item Source: Courtesy of the Drake General Store website

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