Join our global dialogue and help us explore how people around the world entertain at home. We are delighted to work together with people who share our passion for food, design, and learning about new cultures. To get a sense of what Countlan is after in terms of article scope, check out our magazine or read about the subjects we like to cover in the section below. The diversity of Countlan is attributed to its contributors all over the world.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Currently, we are seeking writers in the following cities:

Athens, Amsterdam, Austin, Amman, Antwerp, Barcelona, Bangkok, Berlin, Beirut, Beijing, Boston, Bucharest, Budapest, Belgrade, Brighton, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas, Detroit, Dubai, Delhi,Edmonton, Glasgow, Havana, Helsinki, Hamburg, Hanoi, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Krakow, Lima, Los Angeles, London, Lisbon, Lodz, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Milan, Miami, Mumbai, Montreal, Moscow, Montevideo, New York, Nairobi, Nice, Osaka, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Portland, Panama City, Riga, Rome, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Taipei, Tokyo, Turin, Salt Lake City, San Juan, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Wellington, Vienna, Vancouver, Zagreb



Food/Ingredients: Is there a particular food item or ingredient that is rooted in local cuisine and culture? An interesting food trend taking over your city? Do you have a seasonal recipe that you would like to share?


Tableware/Design: Do you have the background or interest to write about the history of a tableware object, talk about the work of an emerging designer, profile an iconic brand, or muse about a design trend suitable for the table?

Etiquette/Customs/Cultural Traditions

Etiquette/Customs/Cultural Traditions: What is the dance of interaction between guests and their hosts in your city?  What is customary?  Do you know of any cultural dining customs?

Entertaining Resources

Entertaining Resources (Retail or e-commerce): Where is the best place for (meat, fish, flowers, chocolate, fruit, tableware, wine, nuts, vegetables, bread, olive oil…..)? Do you have a shop (brick and mortar or e-commerce) that you would like to profile?

Entertaining at Home:

Entertaining at Home: Have you put together a feast or tablescape worthy of sharing?

Travel Inspiration/Take-Aways:

Travel Inspiration and Take-Aways: Travel Inspiration and Take-Aways: When you travel, what inspires you and what ideas, customs or ingredients have you brought home and incorporated into your entertaining repertoire?





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Submissions are accepted for the blog and the magazine.

Past and Present Contributors:

Kathryn Sussman
Samantha Waxman
Maxine Silberg
Mia Kristensen
Judith de Graaff
Geraldine Tan
Linda Gaylard
Gretchen McCarthy
Lee McCoy

Taryn Lipschtz
Janna Zittrer
Ana Sofia Pelaez
Jessica Fetchor
Nikki Wright
Anna Proskova
Natalia Kratsmar-Smogrovicova
Daniela Cabkova
Alina Kotova

Gabby Offord
Emily Cohen Mike Drach Sarah Lee Giulia Mule Yaeri Song Ryan Cole Claire Heffer Pille Petersoo Marija Petrovic
Helen Ford Marcin Moka Yossy Arefi-Afshar Beth Kirby Zita Nagy Natalia Kudela Leah Hawthorn Izzy Walton Eva Kosmas
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