About Countlan Magazine

Entertaining at home is one of the great universal pastimes of humanity. It is where we invite others into our homes, tell the stories affecting our lives and share experiences over food and drink. It is also where we regale our guests with anecdotes about the ingredients, vessels, customs and resources we bring to our tablescapes.

Countlan Magazine is a quarterly digital lifestyle magazine that explores how people entertain around the world. Four times a year we take a cross-cultural look at topics like food, design, cultural traditions, etiquette, entertaining resources (shops, books) and travel take-aways- in other words, the “stuff” that adds flair and uniqueness to the way we entertain at home- Our goal is to promote discovery and interest in projects, businesses and stories that impact our table conversations and make the world a cool, creative place to live.

What Does Our Name Mean?
Countlan is a made up word. It combines the word “counter”,  a place in the kitchen where we like to host impromptu gatherings, and Sarah’s Chinese last name, “lan” which was given to her while she was studying Chinese in China.

Want to Contribute to Countlan?
Visit our Contributor page to find out how to get involved. The more voices and perspectives the better.

Get to Know Us

Sarah Lambersky

Editor + Co-creator

Most Memorable Entertaining Moment: An impromptu dinner party for 15 of my iMBA classmates.

Can’t Live Without: Platters, fun IKEA napkins, Hommage de St. Jacques room fragrance, loose leaf jasmine tea + personalised thank you cards.

Will Go Out of My Way For: Cake, breakfast, and home accessories stores.

Adam Goodman


Most Memorable Entertaining Moment: Hosting a 40th birthday party for my mom.

Can’t Live Without: Coffee, Hario V60, an 8 inch frying pan for making giant pancakes, Nikon D7000 camera with a 50mm prime lens, Frank Sinatra.

Will Go Out of My Way For: Cup of coffee, Mexican food, a good haircut.

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