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Resource: Labour and Wait

Here’s one for your next trip to London: Labour and Wait is a bespoke hardware-general store filled with “Timeless, functional, everyday items.”

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01 Enamel Bread Bin Black 02 Housekeeper’s Bucket Black 03 Alfonso Bialetti 3 cup Espresso Maker 04 Le Parfait Preserving Jar 05 Non Drip Candles 06 Enamel Soap Dish

Located on Redchurch Street (Tube Stop: Shoreditch High Street) in east London, owners Rachel Wythe-Moran and Simon Watkins have developed and nurtured Labour and Wait into an exceptional concept store since its inception in 2000.

Labour and Wait 1

The store features items designed with utility, quality, longevity, and purpose for the home and table versus those that are overly trendy or prettier than they are useful.  (Yes, they ship internationally).

Labour and Wait 2 Labour and Wait 3 Labour and Wait 4

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Check out more about Labour and Wait on their blog.

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