Fleurie Flowers by L Garza
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Fleurie Flowers by L Garza: Thanksgiving Flowers

We head west to California and speak with home-based studio flower designer, Laurie Garza about her Thanksgiving blooms for the upcoming US holiday. Although Laurie has been working in the floral and horticulture industry since the age of 17, this passionate flower and plant enthusiast launched her own business, Fleurie Flowers, in 2010 in Reedley (Fresno County), California, an area known as the fruit basket of the world.

Fleurie Flowers by L Garza

INTERVIEW: Laurie Garza, owner, Fleurie Flowers by L Garza, Fresno County, California

01 Floral Aesthetic 
I would say I am known for a fresh-from-the-garden look and feel, with a little edge thrown in to catch the eye. I use unusual textures, flowers, and plant materials that I have grown or gone out and cut. I like to use my cutting-garden grown flowers whenever possible, and keep to local flowers.  Beyond that, I try to stay with California and US grown flowers although it is not always possible, but always considered.

Fleurie Flowers by L Garza

02 The Thanksgiving Arrangement:
In the arrangement pictured, you will find California grown orange ranunculus, double tulips and antique hydrangea. I also used mokara orchids, amaryllis, and umbrella fern. The amber colored footed compote is from my local non-profit thrift store.

Fleurie Flowers by L Garza

03 The Inspiration:
I was inspired by the colors of the fall season bursting out in my own garden. The reds of a maple tree, oranges of my Oak and Sourgum trees, the brilliant yellow of the birch trees, and my old blue bench, built in the late 50’s by my uncle.

04 The Holiday:
For me, the Thanksgiving holiday is about enjoying the sights and wonders of the season, spending time with those closest to you and preparing a delicious meal, even if it is only for a little group of people. My husband and I like to cook a good, simple meal with our family and family of friends. He BBQs the turkey, and I usually prep the rest. I try one new recipe every year, a side or dessert. When we have people over, it’s always a very casual event, with me or my husband offering up the first drinks or snacks, and after that-  “you know where things are- please help yourself to anything”.

Flowers are almost always included, most likely from the garden, and in one of my vintage pottery or milkglass containers, simply arranged. The tablecloth I always use is one I’ve had for years, a taupe damask topper that has Oak leaves on it.

Fleurie Flowers by L Garza
Photo Source: Fleurie Flowers by L Garza

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