Cedar and Stone Floral Studio
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Flowers from a Mill: Cedar & Stone Floral Studio

Issue 06

One hour northwest of Toronto, in the Town of Caledon is where Karen Cal, owner of Cedar & Stone Floral Studio, calls home.  Surrounded by the beauty of the countryside, her work is influenced by the regional landscape. “We have a fairly large garden with mature trees and evergreens on the property, so it`s not uncommon to see me outside, early in the morning with crazy bedhead, cutting flowers while still in my pajamas” shares Cal.

Her shop, located in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, is housed in a renovated 19th century stone textile mill, and is also the workplace of an eclectic group of artists and shops from the area.

WATCH: Alton Mill Arts Centre- A Work of Love

Cedar and Stone Floral Studio

INTERVIEW: Karen Cal, Florist, Cedar & Stone Floral Studio, Caldeon, Ontario

Years in Floristry? 10

Local Flowers:
Despite our short growing season, we grow tulips, lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies, delphiniums, gladiolas, dahlias, and sunflowers.

Arrangement Style: 
“Loose and natural designs with lots of texture”

Winter Arrangement:
Winters are really cold and bleak here and there is not much growing in the garden.  For a winter arrangement, I would create a foraged arrangement of branches and grasses with some evergreens and seed pods.

Cedar and Stone Floral Studio

Currently Working On:
January is a lull time for florists, we are catching our breaths from the madness of Christmas and gearing up for the Valentine`s Day rush.  Right now I`m doing a lot of prep for the upcoming wedding season- sourcing new vessels for centerpieces, meeting brides and preparing quotes.  I am also planning arrangements for an upcoming festival called Fire and Ice. I will be working with tropical flowers, which I generally don`t use, but I think the bright colours and bold textures will be a welcome change to the cold, dreary landscape outside.

Cedar and Stone Arrangement 3

Cedar and Stone Arrangment 4

What inspires you as a florist?
I’m fortunate to live in the countryside, so my yard and garden are full of inspiration. We have a fairly large garden with mature trees and evergreens around the property so it`s not a uncommon sight to see me outside, early in the morning, with crazy bedhead, cutting flowers while still in my pajamas. My studio is nearby and is also very inspiring. It is in an old, abandoned textile mill that has been since been renovated and converted into an Arts Centre full of working studios and galleries, so I`m surrounded by lots of creative artists and craftspeople.

Cedar and Stone Arrangement 1
 Photo Source: Karen Cal

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