Copenhagen Design Trade Fair
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Copenhagen Design Trade Fair

Over three days, the best of Denmark’s home design industry came together at Copenhagen’s Bella Centre to showcase new ideas, launch new design initiatives and exhibit the latest and greatest for the table and home. Countlan Magazine made its way through the 250-odd design stalls at the Design Trade fair and assembled a sample of what is coming down the design pipeline en route to a store near you from Denmark and Europe.

Copenhagen Design Trade Fair

Copenhagen Design Trade Fair

Copenhagen Brussels September 20139

Earthy Colours: Eggplant, lemon yellow, sage green
Copenhagen Brussels September 20131

Geometric patterns were observed a several booths throughout the show
Copenhagen Brussels September 20132

Copenhagen Brussels September 20133

Vintage + Industrial items remain popular.  There was also some impressively playful oversize fruit.
Copenhagen Brussels September 20134

Copenhagen Brussels September 20135

Colour paired with natural materials giving a two tone look

Copenhagen Brussels September 20136

Casual: Stacking and layering of ceramics/dishes on tables. Nothing overly formal. Is formal dining done?
Copenhagen Brussels September 20137

Mixing and Matching and Clustering Items
Copenhagen Design Trade Fair



A few of our favourite Danish design companies that we checked out at DesignTrade included Broste, Hay, Ferm Living, Nomess, Kahler, TripTrap, Korridor, Bloomingville and Design Nation.

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