TreeHorn Design Kitchen Board 1
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Treehorn Design

Based in Inner city Melbourne with a workshop in Preston, Joe Chester of TreeHorn Design feels at home working with wood. Perhaps it was his experience working on projects in his father’s workshop as a kid or perhaps it’s because he is originally from Tasmania, the island known for its giant trees and forestry industry- it is the most forested state in Australia with forests covering 50% of the island’s geography.
TreeHorn Design
TreeHorn Design Kitchen Board 3

Chester launched TreeHorn as a sustainable wood design studio working only with reclaimed, recycled or sustainably grown timber. He has developed a reputation for his handmade jewelry and homeware items, like his colourful kitchen boards made from Tasmanian oak.

The kitchen boards, which he sells on Etsy, in stockists in Australia and New Zealand as well as several web-shops, were born out of the need to create a better board.  “I love eating out at fancy restaurants and started looking at their manner of serving. It took me a long time to get it (the board) right. I tested one on the waiting public (actually my mum) and before too long, I was making hundreds of these kitchen boards at a time” says Joe.   He only works with reclaimed, recycled or sustainable grown timber

TreeHorn Design Peggy Lou Table
TreeHorn Design Bangle 1
TreeHorn Design Kitchen Board 1
Photo Source: TreeHorn Design

At home, his kitchen boards are a staple on the table along with a lot of unfinished or prototype designs Joe is working on.  When asked, what is next for TreeHorn, Joe shares “I suppose we’ll just get ready to take over the world. We’re growing so fast and I have so many new ideas. We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose.”

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