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Soup Presentation: The Lantern

Issue 05

Taking soup presentation to new heights, the Lantern is a stacking bowl designed to hold Vietnamese Phở soup. Designed by Omid Sadri, the sectioned porcelain bowl was inspired by the shape of a Vietnamese paper lantern, yet functionally driven by the soup’s condiments and utensils.

The Lantern (Pho) Countlan Issue 05

The top dish holds lemon or lime, onions, and peppers. The middle dish holds the herbs and bean sprouts and the bowl is for the soup and chopsticks. He even designed a small notch on the soup spoon so it can rest on top of the bowl without sliding off. The recent success of Omid’s Kickstarter campaign, he raised over 400% of his pledge goal, means that his Lantern stacking tableware can move from prototype into production.



Photo Source: Avishan Amanat

Recipes to fill your Lantern

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