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Sloes and Elderflowers Part 2

Last week I shared a conversation with you about sloes.  Apparently this Canadian missed the class on classic British beverages.  Thankfully my two friends in London gave me a quick crash course.  Part one: Sloes.  Part two: Elderflowers

Here is another beverage I know nothing about but intrigued to learn more!   Based on my limited exposure to elderflowers, when I think about elderflower anything, what comes to mind is a bottled beverage that you can only buy in a specialty store that is adorned with a  fancy label with flowery typography.  That’s it!  I certainly did not know you could make this yourself, or that it is a popular infusion to add to beverages around holiday time.

So when my friend was assembling New Years eve cocktails with a splash of homemade elderflower cordial, my curiosity was piqued.

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Photo Sources: 01 Elderflower Blossoms (Acorn Magazine), 02 Elderflower Cordial Preparation (My French Country Home), 03 Elderflower Coridal Finished Product (Uma Wylde)

 01 Elderflower (Cordial)

Origin: (Sambucus Nigra) Elder grows on a  bush/hedge and it is a native plant to Europe.
Harvest: If you want to make your own elderflower cordial or syrup, these flowers have a short season and bloom between late May to mid July.  Make sure to discard the stems from the flower heads to the best of your ability as they are poisonous.
Coridal Ingredients: Sugar, water, lemons and elderflower heads (sometimes you see the addition of citric acid in recipes)
For inspiration, check out Countlan’s Elderflower inspired board on Pinterest.

Other Interesting Recipes with Elderflower:



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