Countlan - By Lassen Bowls
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Get Some Height- Bowls By Lassen

I sometimes scratch my head in an attempt to figure out how to incorporate height on a table. Do you ever have the same challenge?

When I set a table, my preference is to have objects at varied heights because I think it is visually more stimulating/interesting to look at when you have items on different planes. No, it doesn’t mean levitating plates or anything like that- although that would be kind of sweet.

You will see from the pictures below, why my eye was drawn to the by Lassen bowls when I first found them in a cool furniture store called Casa Shop in Copenhagen.

Bowls are objects or vessels that sit on the table and take up space.  Right? These bowls almost float on the table.  The round bowl part is elevated which paves the way for several interesting applications when it comes to table decor. Countlan - By Lassen Bowls

A bit of background on the brand/piece if you are not familiar with either: By Lassen was founded by two generations of grand children of Danish architect, Mogens Lassen (1901-1987).  Mogens was part of the Danish Functionalism school of design (inspired by German Bauhaus) and worked on a full spectrum of projects from interior decor to buildings.

One of by Lassen’s most famous pieces is the ‘Kubus’ candlestick (you can see it in the picture below) which was designed in 1962 and intended as rebellious type of piece against the ornate and the elaborate. The Kubus is precise, geometric and simple.  It is made up of a collection of black and white (and gold- there is a limited edition 24 carat gold version) candlesticks that pays homage to Bauhaus symbols (circles, squares, triangles). By Lassen1

By Lassen
Photo Sources: By Lassen

Both the bowls and candlesticks are elevated, which I like.  I find the beauty of these pieces is that they do not hinder light or interaction with guests- a major annoyance of certain centerpieces!!!

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  1. geraldine says:

    A wonderful find. Love the clean line, contemporary look of these bowls. Particularly like the white one with the Spring bulbs. x

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