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Daily Boards (Planche Quotidien)

Here is some good news for the weekend: We are putting the final touches on Countlan Issue 03-

If you have subscribed to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, keep those eyes glued to your news feeds or inbox, you will be delighted shortly with a banging spring issue. One of the people you will meet in Issue 03 is the talented Caroline Gomez, in our new “Made In” feature. Caroline is a designer of beautiful objects for daily life and she recently released a new set of boards (planches) for spring as part of her “daily” collection.

Here are a few favourites from Caroline’s new line below.

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Photo Source: Caroline Gomez

On a personal note, since making the move across the Atlantic, I have to say, I am getting in touch with my European serving roots and have embraced the use of wooden boards more so than ever (if that is at all possible).  I find there is something convenient, beautiful, rustic and easy about serving just about anything and everything on a board.  Totally underrated serving tool!

Stay tuned…. Countlan is on its way to your inbox + have a happy weekend full of sunshine.

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