the weather diary
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Marimekko Tableweare Inspired by Findland’s Weather

Marimekko Fall 2013 the weather diary

As far as conversation starters go, the weather is high on the list of most talked about topics.  It is one of THE go-to small talk topics- when in doubt, talk about the weather.

the weather diary2

Interestingly, Marimekko’s new Weather Diary collection for autumn 2013 creatively explores the seasonal changes of the weather and its influence on people’s rhythm of life.  Autumn brings a noticeable change from warm to col.  To reflect the vicissitudes in the weather, Marimekko’s new series of tableware and accessories moves away from the typical bright floral prints and patterns,  in favour of something darker,  blusterous, stormy and misty.

the weather diary3

TWD Kahvikuppi korvallinen_46005_7

The collection consists of fabrics, tableware, kitchen accessories, posters and a diary.

TWD Kulho 2.5dl_46008_7 (1)

The palette of prints are painted by Aino-Maija Metsola and are meant to depict the range of autumn weather patterns in Finland such as the rolling in of heavy rain clouds on the Jussarö (an island in Southern Finland) print, gentle drizzle on the Harmaja (an island outside Helsinki) print and cool winds on the Kuuskajaskari (an island in Southwest Finland) print.

TWD Lautanen 25cm_46012_7

TWD Teepannu_46019_7

the weather diary
Photo Source: Marimekko

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