Moda Botanica Philadelphia Thanksgiving Flowers
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Moda Botanica: Thanksgiving Flowers

The harvest is a seasonal occurrence celebrated by different countries, cultures and religions around the world. In the US, the beloved harvest holiday of Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  As a significant time of year where people gather with friends and family at home, we take a look at how and what Thanksgiving looks like around the country.

Moda Botanica Philadelphia Thanksgiving Flowers

INTERVIEW: Armas Koehler, Florist/Co-Founder of Moda Botanica, Philadelphia, USA

01 Where are you based?
Moda Botanica is a custom floral and event design studio based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that was started in 2008.

02 Describe the floral aesthetic of Moda Botanica: 
We have a modern aesthetic that verges on Avant-Garde.  Our designs are most often ingredient driven, combining the finest flowers with unexpected materials that highlight craftsmanship and form.

03 What is in your Thanksgiving arrangement?
This arrangement contains Pincushion Protea, Chili Peppers, Ilex berries, Solanum integrifolium/Pumpkin Tree, and just a touch of variegated Boxwood foliage. The reclaimed wooden container was wrapped with colored aluminum wire that not only provides an extra detail and a contrasting texture, but it also serves as a functional mechanic that allows us to place the stems in the exact position that is desired.

Moda Botanica Philadelphia Thanksgiving Flowers

04 What was the inspiration for this arrangement and what is its connection to the upcoming holiday?
This arrangement was first and foremost inspired by color. The bright orange of the Protea was irresistible, and since Thanksgiving can often be seen as a symbolic end to the fall season, this is our last chance to use some of the more vibrant autumnal colors in our designs. This particular holiday is also a harvest festival of sorts that celebrates the bounty of the season, so it is a nice touch to include fruits and berries among the flowers. The overall effect is monochromatic which gives this piece a strong impact and a more contemporary feel in keeping with our bold approach to floral design.

05 Do you entertain at home? If so, what is your style and what will you be decorating your Thanksgiving table?
Unfortunately, I do not entertain at home as much as I might like, but one of the perks of my job is that I am able to see and attend a wide range of events, both public and private, almost every day of the week. My Thanksgiving table will be decorated with whatever scraps are left over from our clients’ orders. When I do bring flowers into my own home, it gives me a chance to experiment a little bit and hopefully create something entirely new and unusual that I can expand upon in my commercial work.

Moda Botanica Philadelphia Thanksgiving Flowers
Photo Source: Armas Koehler, Moda Botanica

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  1. I love Moda Botanica’s sense of color and style! The inventive use of the colored wire in the container really amps up the look too.

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