Pauta Pot Ceramics Italy
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Pauta (mud) Pot

Early childhood education teacher, Simona Rivoira describes her home and pottery studio with a quote: “Home is where your art is.” Simona and her growing brand, Pauta Pot, is located in northern Italy (not too far from Turin), in a small mountain village.  From her little white studio room with blue shutters, Simona works on her pottery wheel crafting new designs. Pauta, is mud in Piedmontese, a name befitting of her pottery brand that she started last summer.

Pauta Pot Ceramics Italy

“I took a pottery course at Aquarius Ceramica in Turin three years ago and studied with two very good teachers, Lilli Morgando and Maria Teresia Frizzantin” says Simona. Last summer, on a break from school and without resources to travel, she ended up filling her time with pottery. “I ended up buying a pottery wheel and started working at home. I’m still studying of course. You never really finish learning in pottery.  That is a quality about working with clay that I love.”

Pauta Pot Ceramics Italy

INTERVIEW: Simona Rivoira, Ceramic Artist/Pauta Pot, {Turin, Italy}

01 How would you describe the aesthetic of your work?
Simple and colorful.  I only make pieces that make me feel good- I prefer simple shapes, colours, and drawings.

02 What is the brand, PautaPot, known for?
PautaPot is pottery for everyday. It is made with love and meant to be used at home. Creating something from clay takes a long time, so sometimes a bowl can tell a story.

03 How often are you creating new items?
When I have some time to myself, I start drawing and thinking about new ideas. It’s like a game working with clay.

Pauta Pot Ceramics Italy

Pauta Pot Ceramics Italy

04 Whose work do you admire in the ceramic world?
I like artists that have a new vision of making pottery like the work of Sara Swink {Portland, Oregon}, Maryam Riazi {Los Angeles} and Anne Sophie Gilloen {Bailleul, France}.I think their works are fresh…

05 Do you entertain at home?
I like to entertain, and I like to be alone. I’m like a bear. On my table you will always find tea, coffee, Dijion mustard, vegetables, and maybe some homemade cakes or biscuits. You will always find music, my assistant cat named Junior, bowls everywhere and plants. Nice chaos!

Pauta Pot Ceramics Italy

06 Are there any unique customs where you are from that relate to inviting guests to your home?
Ask”do you want a coffee?” it doesn’t matter what time it is…

07 What is next for you?
First buying a kiln. This is a really great step for my work. I’m starting some new project with porcelain; something new for me, and I will try to make lights… a surprise will come soon. I will continue with the jewelry, it’s my funny game at the moment!

08 Where can Pauta Pot pieces be purchased?
I will soon be opening a shop on Etsy, but for now, people can contact me on the Pauta Pot website.

Pauta Pot Ceramics Italy
Photo Source: Pauta Pot

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