Mason Shaker Brooklyn
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Crowdfunding: The Mason Shaker

Issue 06

Eric Prum and Josh Williams, the two vintage kitchenware and cocktail enthusiasts running W&P Design, in Bushwick, Brooklyn put their MacGyver cocktail tools aside and launched the Mason Shaker in 2012, a product they brought to market thanks to the success of their Kickstarter campaign.

Mason Shaker Brooklyn

“The Mason jar is symbolic of making and doing in America. Its metric and imperial measurements are incredibly useful and it happens to be a tough and great piece of glassware” says Eric. To complement their cocktail shaker, Eric and Josh recently self-published, Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails The book features 30 seasonal recipes, such as a Rosemary Maple bourbon cocktail, with plenty of beverage photography to inspire your next party.

05 Mason Shaker Brooklyn1

05 Mason Shaker Brooklyn2

INTERVIEW: Eric Prum, Co-Founder, The Mason Shaker {Brooklyn}

01 Do you entertain at home? 
Absolutely – this is what we love to do. We are big on hosting cocktail parties both in our studio and our apartments.

02 What is next for the Mason Shaker? 
We’ve just launched a book, and continue to work on well made and simple cocktail crafting tools – lots going on in 2014

05 Mason Shaker Brooklyn4

05 Mason Shaker Brooklyn
Photo Source: Joshua Williams

03 Do you ship internationally?

04 How many people are behind the Mason Shaker?
Josh and I started the company and now there are a handful of us.

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