Cupcakes by Myriam B Maguire
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Celebration Worthy Cake Stands

We are back to Monday again.  My how the weekend flies.  We were busy running around organizing two photo shoots for Countlan Issue 03 (due out in April).

It is a fun experience to put a shoot together.  There is always excitement but also a bit of wonder and apprehension- Will this look okay? Will it inspire? Is it too over the top?  Is it underwhelming. All questions, that run through the mind of any home entertainer. Trust me, every phone conversation I can remember between family or friends who were busy hosting a gathering, uttered a variation of those words. Add to that, the famous question “Do you think I have enough food?” and you have covered all your bases.

What do I have for you today?  Something colourful, something decorative and something that is worthy of a celebration: CUPCAKES, Myriam Belzile-Maguire (a Canadian, now living in Italy)

Cupcakes by Myriam B Maguire

“Cupcake” is a series of five mini cake plates and domes in coloured borosilicated hand blown glass.  Borosilicated glass is a sturdier, hardier form of glass that is known to be resistant to thermal shock, aka changing the temperature too quickly resulting in a crack, in comparison to other types of glass.  This type of glass is often used in glass kitchen accessories.  You might be familiar with one of the brand name – Pyrex- it is a borsilicated glass.


Cupcakes 2 cupcakes 3

Myriam’s “Cupcake” cakes stands are designed to look like famous English cakes, covered with coloured sugar.  They are certainly worthy of pomp!

cupcakes 4 cupcakes 5 cupcakes 6


Photo source: Secondome

This design series was designed at Fabrica for Secondome and is limited edition.  I could imagine these in the movie “Vanity Fair” by Mira Nair (with Reese Witherspoon) in the scene where Reese is in her room with a stunningly ornate display of cakes and cookies. Or how about spaced out down the centre of a long dining room table or clustered in the centre of a square or circular table.

They scream fun, something “delicious” is under this glass, and playfulness.

Now Some Cakes for those Domes:


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