Jigger Jolly Plate 3
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Adding Brush Strokes

Swedish ceramist, Agnes Fries, has been racking up accolades, collaborations (Kahler, Normann Copenhagen) and know-how since her graduation in 2005 from the Danish Design School’s Ceramic and Glass Design Department.

Two of her recent projects (Strokes -  yellow/black, Agnes Vases for Normann Copenhagen)  involve the use of rough brush strokes on bowls, dishes and vases.

Agnes Fries Work Jigger Jolly /Vases

Agnes Vases 1

In 2006 Agnes received a travel grant from the Danish Ministry of Culture to go to Jingdezhen, a city in Jiangxi Province in China, a famous ceramic capital in the country due to its abundance of the natural resource, kaolin used in ceramic production.  In China, she furthered her study of ceramic production methods and techniques which are incorporated into her work. Agnes continues to split her time between Scandinavia and China.

Agnest Vases 2

Jigger Jolly Plate 1

{A note on Jingdezhen} As early as the late 13th century, it is reputed that Emperors would send their officials to Jingdezhen to supervise the manufacturing of royal porcelain.  The city is also home to the internationally recognized Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute and numerous ceramic workshops.

Jigger Jolly Plate 2

Jigger Jolly Plate 3
Photo Source: Agnes Fries

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