Martin Jakobsen rEvolution
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Martin Jakobsen Glassware

Martin Jakobsen glass designer Czech Republic

On several occasions Countlan has written about the beauty and skilled craftsmanship of glass designs coming out of the Czech Republic (see Countlan Issue 03 and blog post on Artel Glass).  It is no surprise that Martin Jakobsen, dreamer, admirer of goodness and seeker of hidden beauty- and talented glass designer in the Czech Republic- decided to pursue his studies and later, build a profession working with the celebrated national medium. “It (glass) has a long lasting tradition in the Czech Republic.  It is where you find the masters of this craft” says Jakobsen.

It was a good thing Martin was enthralled by the design potential of glass when he attended design in school, today his playful glass objects are sold in shops from Scandinavia to Japan. His pieces can also be found in luxury hotels and Michelin star restaurants. Some of his better known products go by the names of the rEvolution wine glass, the first ice-cream canapé, the Ois espresso cup or the mojoo (see below).

Martin Jakobsen karPPi

Martin Jakobsen Kkis

Martin Jakobsen Luno

INTERVIEW: Martin Jakobsen, Glass Designer, Czech Republic

01 How often do you design new products?
I design new products whenever I have a need to. There are many ideas in my head and I work constantly.

02 From where does your inspiration for glassware design come?
Inspiration comes from daily events. Inspiration is a mixture of what I see, what I hear. Then I stir it all together, like a deejay of fantasy.

03 Do you have a favourite piece that you have designed?
Each design has a different story and therefore it is very hard to compare. My favourite piece is when I come up with something different.

04 How would you describe the aesthetic of your glassware?
Sometimes it is mathematically precise and other times it is a curve by hand.

05 what is next for you?
I am currently working on new designs for the next year.

Martin Jakobsen Ois

Martin Jakobsen rEvolution
Photo Source: Martin Jakobsen

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