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Made In: Tuscany- Clever Clippes

Issue 05

Leave it to Italian ingenuity to turn scrap metal into an iconic product line.  Since the 1960s, kitchenware manufacturer, IPAC, has been producing multifunctional clips out of discarded stainless steel remnants. “The Clippe was born from the byproduct of a request by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. They were searching for the original producer of Antonio Chiti’s CLIP 01 to make a product called Tower of Clips” says Paola Pagni with IPAC.

Countlan Issue 05 Made In Clippe




Renewed interest in the clip inspired the owner of IPAC to develop the Clippe collection- first as a joke, then in cooperation with other designers. Today there are 56 different Clippes from forks and milk boxes, to cocktail stirrers, flower holders and strawberry tongs.






Photo Source: Clippe 

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