Camp Cirrus Shop Moln Rund Red Pillow Cover
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Shop Moln: Designers turned Shop Owners in Helsingborg

From Copenhagen, head north up the scenic coastal highway towards the Danish city of Helsingor where the famous Kronbog (Elsinore) castle from Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet is situated.  It is in Helsingor, where you can cross the Øresund straight by boat an arrive in the Swedish city of Helsingborg (where Koppi Coffee is based) in the province of Skåne.

It is here that the couple behind Camp Cirrus,Cina Kjellsson and Matts Wiberg (and dog, Morris who is also at the office every day, though he’s not very productive…), turned a bit more vertical with the recent launched of their new shop, Shop Moln, in an effort to connect with customers and better integrate the design and sales of their popular wares.

“Shop Moln is primarily a service to our customers. We have dealers who carry the Camp Cirrus brand all over the world, but the stores take a limited range of our designs. So we decided to offer everything we create in the same place” says Cina Kjellsson, textile designer and creative force behind brand, Camp Cirrus, and new e-commerce site, Shop Moln.

INTERVIEW: Cina Kjellsson, Designer and Owner of Camp Cirrus/Shop Moln,  Helsingborg, Sweden

01 What sort of items can be found on Shop Moln?
The store of course has all our Camp Cirrus products including our pillows, trays, tea towels and other nice things for the home. In addition, we will bring in products that we really like and complement our range. The first thing we added are wooden pins and cutting boards from Germany’s Snug Studio and metal candlesticks of Swedish designer Elin Riismark. We will gradually fill up the site with products from other designers and brands- so stay tuned.

02 How would you describe the aesthetic of  items on Shop Moln?
Our aim is to add colour and style into everyday life. The style is contemporary Scandinavian with colours from bright to soft. There are also a lot of items with patterns and shapes that are basic and plain with a little twist.

03 What are your five tableware items for the holidays?
I would pick the following:

  • The FOLKLORE  tea towel. It was inspired by traditional Swedish embroidery techniques and is a design that is perfect for the Christmas holiday and as a year round pattern.

Camp Cirrus Shop Moln teatowelFOLKLORE

  • The bread bag SNÖ (snow) in red.  The bag could also be used for fruit, nuts (we always cracks nuts for Christmas) or to store the holiday greeting cards.

Camp Cirrus Sweden bread baskets

  • The GRANDMA candlestick by Elin Riismark.  The candlestick is traditional and modern at the same time and I think the name is suiting as the holidays are a time for family gatherings.

Camp Cirrus Shop Moln Grandma Candlestick

Camp Cirrus Sweden Shop Moln Snugg wood board

Camp Cirrus Shop Moln Rund Red Pillow Cover
Photo Source: Shop Moln/Camp Cirrus 

04 Do you entertain at home?
We like to have dinners at home with friends and family. I always set the table with a nice table cloth and candles. If we can pick some flowers in the garden, we do. We try to keep it simple, focusing on being together. Nice bread and good wine and water is essential, and something sweet to finish of course.

05 What is next for you guys?
Now we are in a busy, busy period until Christmas both at work and at home. We will take a vacation over Christmas and New Years, so there will be time both to relax and socialize at home and go skiing in the Swedish mountains. After the New Year, Camp Cirrus’s spring collection will be launched and available online in Shop Moln. We also have some other lovely products coming up and will develop the store’s range.

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