Donatella Sedda
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Set The Table with Instagrammer: Donatella Sedda

Issue 06

INSTAGRAM INTERVIEW: Donatella Sedda {Modena, Italy}

Donatella Sedda

01 Do you entertain at home?
Yes, I do! I come from a large family so for me, it’s very natural to have a house full of guests. I love to make people feel cared for and at ease. My style is absolutely casual!

02 What can always be found on your table?
I always use fresh flowers on a classic tablecloth. Flowers make the table less casual, but they give the impression of care and freshness. However, the flowers are only on the table for a moment. As soon as guests sit down, I take them away as I prefer that everyone can look at each other without hindrance!

Donatella Sedda
Photo Source: Donatella Sedda

03 Describe your tableware collection:
I like to mix classic Italian design with clean, Nordic lines. I don’t like bright colours, square shapes or object that are too decorated. For example, my dessert plates have a delicate enamelled decoration that I love.

04 Favourite meal?
My favourite meal is breakfast and the best kind of breakfast is weekend breakfast. I lay out an American set for two or a nice cotton tablecloth along with our favourite Marimekko coffee mugs, and Bitossi plates and cutlery. I also pour the milk in a jug and arrange cookies, fruits and cake into bowls or on a cake stand. The best part of the breakfast table is the flowers; they stay on the table to keep us company. Setting the table, in a way, is like snuggling. For me breakfast doesn’t only mean “it’s time to eat”. I try to offer a happy and beautiful start of the day.

05 Are there any Italian customs that you can share about hosting guests at home?
In Italy the guests always brings a gift. Sometimes a bottle of wine, sometimes ice cream, sometimes flowers. However, a friend can be a guest without a gift. A friend can also help cooking with you and, above all, a true friend helps you to clean up after!

06 What role does food play in your life?
The food is an opportunity to meet each other. When I lived with my parents it was like this every day: the opportunity to tell us about our days, about school, job, family and friends. Now is the same. Maybe because we are in Italy, but a dinner (breakfast, brunch, lunch) table is the best place where you can socialize.

07  What do you think about when setting the table?
I have a problem with symmetry! I know, I said that I love informal meetings, but when I have to set the table the genius of symmetry takes possession of me. The goal is to place more items than the table seems to contain, without that the table looking like a victim of the Mad Hatter. Not so simple…but symmetry helps, I swear! And also it helps to remember that next time you can show other original things to your friend (not all at the same time!)

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