Normann Copenhagen
Pop-up retail food museum
Bean to Bar Chocolate
Exploring the creations of one chocolatier in Toronto
A Trip to Boleslawiec
Discovering the Home of Polish Pottery
A Vow to Visit Farmers' Markets
Our Un-List List of The World's Best Farmers' Markets
Exmouth Market
Favourite Stops around London's Exmouth Market
A Santa Cruz Mountain Start-Up Makes Cold Brew a Snap
Philosophical Food Crumbs
A Philosophy Book on Kierkegaard and Food

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yonest iogurte

Food Nomadism

Issue 06 Written By: Carla Isidoro Nowadays, it’s easy to find gastronomic experiences rooted in local food, sustainability and mobility. Pop-up restaurants, gourmet

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On Presenting Sushi

Issue 06 Written By: Yuki Gomi If you have mastered sushi rice and have perfected your rolling technique, you will

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Atayeb Zaman

Empowered Cooking in Refugee Camps

Issue 06 Though political situations remain in flux in the Middle East, there is a positive presence that is helping

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Donatella Sedda

Set The Table with Instagrammer: Donatella Sedda

Issue 06 INSTAGRAM INTERVIEW: Donatella Sedda {Modena, Italy} 01 Do you entertain at home? Yes, I do! I come from

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Bess Klar Entertaining at 90 Photograph Credit Erin Morris

Learn from the Pros: Entertaining at 90

Issue 06 Prudent, poise, savvy, welcoming and thoughtful are a few words that aptly describe our hostesses, who, in their

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The Kierkegaard Cookbook

Book: Philosophical Food Crumbs- Cooking and Kierkegaard

Issue 06 Written By: Rachel Moran and Emma Sørgaard “Thus they banqueted. Soon, conversation had woven its beautiful wreaths about

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UNESCO Medi Diet Photo by National Park of Cliento and Vallo di Diano 2010

Intangible Heritage of Humanity: The Mediterranean Diet

Written By: Carla Isidoro  The Mediterranean diet was classified as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific

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Vintage NYE Card 8

Happy New Year

From our team at Countlan Magazine, we would like to wish you a happy and healthy new year and to

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Yesterdish Saving America's Lost Recipes

Yesterdish: Reviving America’s Lost Recipes

It’s funny how a philosophical question like “how much do I know about….” can lead to the start of an

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Eat With

Sometimes travel is all you need for a mental refresh.  In the case of Guy Michlin, it was a chance

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