The Candy Store SF
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The Candy Store in San Francisco

Issue 03

Candy connoisseurs in need of variety can uncover 500 types of hard-to-find artisanal confections from around the world at The Candy Store SF.  Located in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighbourhood and inspired by the design of old pharmacies (with a modern twist, of course), Diane Campbell launched her business, together with her husband Brian, in 2007 resulting from a lifelong love of candy and a childhood desire to run her own store.

The most popular candies include sour gummies and black liquorice. Once, Diane received a request for candy to match someone’s sofa.

The Candy Store SF

INTERVIEW: Diane Campbell, Owner, The Candy Store SF {San Francisco}

01 Personal Favourite:
I love salty-sweet candy like Dutch liquorice and caramels.

02 Number of Liquorice Varieties:
We sell 25 types of liquorice.  Salty liquorice is one of our best sellers.

The Candy Store SF

The Candy Store SF

03 Number of Candies In-Store:

04 Store Design?
Inspired by old pharmacies- modern and functional

05 How Do You Store Candy At Home?
We keep it in small ceramic jars or just out on the kitchen table for easy access.

The Candy Store SF
Photo Credits: The Candy Store SF

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