Normann Copenhagen
Pop-up retail food museum
Bean to Bar Chocolate
Exploring the creations of one chocolatier in Toronto
A Trip to Boleslawiec
Discovering the Home of Polish Pottery
A Vow to Visit Farmers' Markets
Our Un-List List of The World's Best Farmers' Markets
Exmouth Market
Favourite Stops around London's Exmouth Market
A Santa Cruz Mountain Start-Up Makes Cold Brew a Snap
Philosophical Food Crumbs
A Philosophy Book on Kierkegaard and Food

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Soma Chocolate Maker Toronto Countlan Issue 03


Issue 03 Written By: Kathryn Sussman Experiential artisanal candy appears to be a growing in popularity the world over.  A

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The Candy Store SF

The Candy Store in San Francisco

Issue 03 Candy connoisseurs in need of variety can uncover 500 types of hard-to-find artisanal confections from around the world

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Papabubble NYC

Turning Heads with Hard Candy: Papabubble New York

Issue 03 One of the earlier design forward, experiential candy shop concepts, Papabubble now has 19 stores around the world

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Chocolate: The Gateway to Culture

As someone who is interested in learning about different cultures and entertaining customs through travel, I find one of the

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Did You Try Making: Mia Kristensen’s Malt Pizza with Bacon and Herbs

Issue 03 Last week, we met Mia of CPH Good Food and shared her recipe for a New Nordic style

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Countlan CPH Good Food Mia

Did You Try Making: Mia Kristensen’s Beetroot Salad with Horseradish, Cranberry and Cottage Cheese

Issue 03 Mia is a young culinary force to contend with in Copenhagen.  I have had the privileged of taking

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Did You Try Making: Ana Sofia Palaez’s Arroz con Leche y Agua de Rosas

Issue 03 Recipe: Arroz con Leche y Agua de Rosas/Rose Rice Pudding This is similar to a Persian dessert called sheer berenj,

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Varia Tableware 04

Modular Tableware Inspired by a Child’s Game

In Issue 03 of Countlan magazine, we told you about a modular, stackable flower vase called ‘Flower Tower’ by Sweden’s

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Mochiko Mochi Green Tea + Black Sesame + Azuki + Milk Tea

More Mochi by Mochiko in the Philippines

Did I mention my love affair with mochi balls?  I think I’m turning into a mochi fanatic. If mochi balls

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Countlan Issue 03 Cookbook Recommendations Culinaria Libris

The Cookbook Collector

Issue 03 As a young girl growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska (US), Gretchen learned early on about the accuracy of

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